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Selecting and implementing a new ERP system is a major strategic project for any organization. A key step is creating a detailed requirements document to evaluate potential ERP solutions.

Follow this guide to developing a robust ERP requirements specification:

Set Up the Requirements Template

First, create a template to capture all ERP information needed. Use a spreadsheet with sections covering:

  • Company background
  • Functional requirements
  • Technical requirements
  • Implementation approach
  • Ongoing support services
  • Pricing

Also include areas for vendors to provide details on how their solution meets each requirement.

Interview Key Stakeholders

With your template ready, interview users and leaders across business units involved in the ERP project. Discuss must-have capabilities, integrations, and configurations tailored to their workflows.

Remember to focus on true needs, not just wants. And prioritize crucial requirements.

Compile Requirements Fully

Compile all gathered details into the requirements template. Organize requirements by module/functionality area.

Make sure to indicate priority levels so vendors can focus proposals appropriately. And enable scoring/weighting of responses.

Review and Finalize the Document

Circulate the finished document internally for review. Make sure it accurately captures ERP needs before finalizing.

Secure sign-off from all stakeholders. This builds alignment on requirements before vendor outreach.

Send to Vendors

Send the ERP requirements specification to potential vendors/partners as part of your RFI or RFP process.

Evaluate responses against your criteria to select the best-fit ERP solution for your needs.

Investing time upfront in carefully gathering and documenting ERP requirements pays dividends in your vendor evaluation and selection process. The right requirements template distills your complex needs into a structured format to find your ideal ERP system match.

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