Stinsora Consulting

About Us
Our Mission Is Clear - To Be A Beacon Of Clarity For Manufacturing And Construction Organizations.

Stinsora stands fortified with decades of experience, offering a rare blend of in-depth knowledge of the construction industry coupled with unmatched expertise across ERP/MRP systems and implementations. 

Collaborations with industry leaders like Procore and Acumatica further amplify our commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions.

Meet The Team
Ron Stinson II

Beyond his extensive experience in organizational strategy and ERP systems, Ron is a staunch advocate for lifelong learning. When he isn’t strategizing or immersing himself in ERP intricacies, he’s either crafting culinary masterpieces or being the go-to IT guru for friends and family.

Josh Czerwinski
Technical Analyst

Josh’s 15 years of experience have been pivotal in helping businesses optimize their information management technology. Travel and carpentry are among his passions.

Elleni Javier
HCM Specialist

Elleni is an expert in HCM, payroll and timesheets, with experience in optimizing processes and implementing efficient software solutions. With commitment to compliance, she navigates the complexities of payroll regulations while ensuring seamless integration. During her leisure time, Elleni indulges her passion for exploration, often jetting off to new destinations to savor diverse culinary experiences.

Sévag Barsoumian
Financials Specialist

Sévag, with over 14 years experience in implementing ERPs, specializes Finance and Asset management, and has been instrumental in enabling the success of our clients. When not working on system optimization and data analysis, Sevag spends his time road cycling throughout the streets of Canada.