Stinsora Consulting

Elevate Your Enterprise: Proven Tech Frameworks to grow Construction & Manufacturing companies.

Elevate Your Enterprise: Proven Tech Frameworks to grow Construction & Manufacturing companies.
From Confusion To Clarity.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

Inefficient Processes

Hindering your growth and productivity?

System Integration

Unsure which processes need ERP integration?

Employee Pushback

Resistance to new systems and processes?

Technical Hurdles

Need specialized expertise for seamless implementation?

Data Quality

Struggling with data accuracy during setup?

Budget Concerns

Worried about the costs and intricacies of ERP?

Choose Stinsora. Our consultants possess deep industry insights, ERP expertise, and a track
record of managing complex projects. Let us guide you to a seamless and successful ERP journey.

“Stinsora was knowledgeable and professional in leading our team through a pilot of CMiC Crew Time. Ron and Elleni were organized and kept us on task as we worked through the setup, configuration, and implementation of the pilot. Would recommend them to anyone needing experts for CMiC implementation."
Spaw Glass
“Moving Left”: Discover The Stinsora Advantage

Stinsora’s approach is grounded in clear, actionable insights. As an unbiased partner, we pinpoint and address the hidden challenges hindering your business. Our team adopts a systems-level perspective, focusing on the overarching objectives while mapping out processes from start to finish. Our consultants are well-versed in construction and manufacturing ERP’s, with specialized expertise in financials, HR & payroll, field operations and asset management.

“Stinsora has been a responsive and valuable resource as we have tried to solve problems in CMiC and build some minor automations. Digging into issues quickly while CMiC support is still making coffee is helpful and gives us another option. The technical expertise on things like automation, DIS, API is valuable because CMiC support doesn't provide good resources for complex issues.”
JHL Constructors