Stinsora Consulting

Help Desk Support

All too often we see software vendors or implementation partners taking days, weeks or sometimes more than a month to answer relatively simple support questions. A lack of effective Help Desk Support for your current or new ERP system can lead to issues such as system downtime and reduced productivity resulting in higher long-term support costs.

At Stinsora, we have a lot of experience coming into ERP Implementations after a software vendor or ERP partner provided inadequate Help Desk Support so we are deeply aware of the frustrations you may have.

How We Can Help with Your Help Desk Support

System Downtime

Stinsora Consulting keeps the wheels turning on your ERP system by resolving issues in a timely manner. Our response times are measured in hours, not days or weeks. When you reach out, you'll always connect with a senior team member, eliminating the need to navigate through layers of inexperienced staff before reaching a seasoned consultant capable of effectively solving your challenges.

Reduced Productivity

Picture waiting a frustrating two weeks for a response that should have taken a mere two hours. Such delays are unfortunately commonplace in the industry, causing havoc on both productivity and morale. At Stinsora Consulting, we offer a streamlined Help Desk Support system designed for simplicity and capture all pertinent information crucial for issue resolution, complete with response time metrics. We take pride in our rapid response times, typically ranging from 2 to 4 hours, resulting in substantial cost savings for your business.