Stinsora Consulting

ERP & IT Security

At Stinsora Consulting, we understand the intricate dance between ERP functionality and robust IT security. Our seasoned experts bring decades of experience to the table, ensuring your ERP system not only functions optimally but is fortified against internal and external threats.

ERP System Support and Maintenance
Security Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Comprehensive Security Audits

Identify vulnerabilities in your ERP and IT systems before they become liabilities.

Strategic Planning

Align your ERP strategy with robust IT security measures for a comprehensive approach.

Pre-Packaged CMiC Security Setups

With extensive experience deploying CMiC security, we've refined a standardized approach to security setup over the years. The pre-configured security roles we offer are designed to grant you optimal control over user access.

In contrast to the widespread practice of tailoring security roles for specific use cases, our approach involves crafting modular security roles that can seamlessly adapt to a wide range of present and future scenarios. This modular design enables you to efficiently bundle or adjust security access for individuals as needed, allowing for swift and incremental modifications. Embracing this pre-defined security setup not only streamlines the first setup, potentially saving between 50 to 100 hours, but also slashes ongoing security maintenance efforts by up to 90%.

Moreover, we excel in promptly documenting and evaluating your existing security configuration. This enables us to diagnose any issues and implement improvements swiftly, saving you valuable time and mitigating potential frustrations.