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Data Conversion

Data conversion is arguably one of the most complex and important tasks of ERP Implementation. There are many challenges to overcome, such as legacy system compatibility, data mapping and validation. Any one of these challenges can become a major blocker and, in our experience, failing to develop a detailed data conversion strategy is the leading cause of delays when implementing an ERP system.

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How Stinsora Streamlines Your Data Conversion Process

With a combined 50+ years of experience in the industry, we have seen everything that can go wrong with data conversion. Working with Stinsora to develop your data conversion strategy ensures you can skip all the mistakes and be confident in the integrity of your data at go live.

Planning and testing are the holy grail when it comes to data conversion. Our process begins with a thorough discovery of the data requirements of the company. After that we assess your legacy system to identify what data is compatible with the new system and what needs to be transformed.

Moving forward, our next step involves meticulously mapping data from your existing legacy system to the corresponding data points in the new system. This phase is particularly prone to errors due to the substantial volume of data involved. To mitigate risks effectively, we adopt a phased approach to data conversion, conducting three practice data loads prior to the official go live. This systematic approach allows us to identify and rectify any issues in the data conversion process, ensuring a smooth transition during the go live data conversion phase.