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Implementing a new ERP system is a major strategic decision for construction firms. The right ERP becomes the technology foundation to improve workflows, gain insights, and drive growth.

However, the construction sector has unique needs that demand specialized ERP solutions. Generic systems often result in poor alignment, low adoption, and implementation issues.

Our ERP consultants emphasize the following criteria when advising construction companies on ERP selection:

Industry-Specific Functionality

The ERP must contain construction-centric modules that align with your work processes out-of-the-box. Core capabilities should include:

  • Project costing and accounting
  • Contract and subcontractor management
  • Project scheduling, resource planning and tracking
  • Equipment and asset management
  • Materials requisition and logistic workflows
  • Change order and claims management
  • Complex, multi-project reporting

Prioritizing purpose-built construction ERPs avoids extensive customizations down the road.

Proven Construction Experience

Look for ERP vendors with decades of expertise in the construction domain. Review their construction-specific customer base and success stories. An experienced vendor translates to lower risk and faster implementation.

Scalability and Growth

Assess if the ERP can readily scale as your business expands into new projects, markets and service offerings. Cloud ERPs often provide the most flexible foundations for growth.

Open Architecture and Connectivity

The ERP should integrate seamlessly with complementary third-party solutions for estimating, project management, design, payroll and more using modern APIs. Siloed systems lead to disjointed data and processes.

Configuration Over Customization

To enable user self-sufficiency and faster enhancements, choose a flexible ERP that allows configuration without hardcoded customizations. Custom code locks you into vendor dependency.

Phased, Rapid Implementation

Look for ERP vendors that take an agile approach to implementation, delivering the highest priority functionality first. This reduces risk and gets tangible benefits flowing faster.

Selecting the right ERP for your construction company is pivotal to enhancing efficiency and fostering growth. Our experienced ERP consultants are ready to guide you through this crucial decision-making process. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and explore how a tailored, industry-specific ERP solution can revolutionize your construction workflows and drive your business forward.

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