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Change Management

Revamping your construction company with an ERP system is a game-changer, impacting processes, workflows, and organizational dynamics. Smooth transitions demand meticulous change management to ensure successful adoption and implementation.

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Our Proactive Approach to Change Management

Employee Resistance

Stinsora Consulting tackles resistance head-on by configuring the ERP system to align with business and employee needs. Coupled with a transparent implementation plan, this not only minimizes resistance but also ensures the ultimate success of the ERP implementation.

Training and Skills Gaps

Overcoming hurdles in employee training is vital. Stinsora Consulting addresses this by crafting user-friendly manuals with visual steps, streamlining the learning process and averting post-go-live mistakes and delays. Additionally, throughout the implementation we train a handful of your people to become Super Users so you can confidently train your employees.

Integration with Existing Processes

ERP implementation can disrupt existing workflows, causing temporary issues. Drawing from hands-on experience in the construction industry, Stinsora Consulting understands your business needs and adeptly incorporates your processes and needs into the ERP system.