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Implementing a new ERP system brings immense change to construction firms. Streamlining workflows, eliminating manual processes, and altering roles are disruptive yet necessary. But without proper change management, user resistance can derail your ERP project success.

Avoid these 5 common mistakes that construction companies make when managing organizational change:

Forgetting User Adoption

Many executives assume employees will readily adopt new technology. But change impacts at the user level are deep and anxiety-inducing. Lack of adoption is a top cause of ERP failure. Start user readiness assessments early and continue involvement throughout the implementation.

Underestimating Change Resistance

While users may voice support, they often resist change passively by dragging feet on process design, withholding feedback, or clinging to old tools. Identify and mitigate resistance proactively via readiness surveys, transparent communications, and sponsorship.

Limiting Change Management to Just Training

Don’t wait until user training to address fears and objections. Create the support infrastructure upfront via forums, coaching, and change agents. Training is only the final piece of the change puzzle.

Ignoring Impacts on Job Roles

Significant workflow changes inevitably alter user roles. Failing to redesign roles and responsibilities to align with new processes leaves adoption gaps. Define and communicate role changes early on.

Forgetting to Budget for Change Management

Viewing change management as “nice-to-have” instead of critical project success factor leads to inadequate resourcing. Actively planning and budgeting change management will improve employee buy in and reduce costs in the long run.

With careful planning and resourcing, construction firms can avoid these pitfalls and drive ERP success through engaged, informed, and supported users. Expert change management guidance provides the blueprint to realizing project goals and ROI. Contact us today and we can help clarify your change management approach and ensure your ERP implementation meets your business goals.

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